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How to Buy, Sell & Trade on The Craft Meet

Solution Buy Now

Buy Now option allows you to set the price you want in order to sell your item.

Make Offer

Make Offer option allows you to accept offers from buyers.
Please use this option ONLY if you are willing to sell your item for less than your Buy Now price.
If you Do Not wish to accept offers, don't use this option.
Sometimes allowing buyers to make offers will make your item more attractive as you know everyone loves to save money! However, you know your item best and what you are willing to accept for your item.
Don't sell yourself short.

Making Trades

Trade Option Allows you the option of trading your item with another Member.
All trades must be for items listed on The Craft site ONLY.
Trading with a partner who is not a registered Member of The Craft is prohibited.
This is for your protection.
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